Dit zijn de beste ‘McGregoriaanse’ quotes van Conor McGregor

'I simply speak the truth. I'm an Irish man.'

UFC-superster Conor McGregor heeft zich net zo goed naar de top gesproken als geslagen. De welbespraakte Ier weet als geen ander hoe hij een rechtse directe geeft, alsmede hoe hij zichzelf promoot met de nodige grote woorden.

Conor McGregor is arrogant, een uitslover van de bovenste plank en een opgefokt baasje – maar achter die facade schuilt een man met een goed stel hersenen. Hij schuwt zeker geen inhoudelijke vraagstukken en is tegelijkertijd de koning in het creëren van wijsheden en beledigingen.

Hieronder de beste McGregoriaanse quotes, die een mooi beeld vormen van de bekendste vechtmachine van het moment: Conor McGregor, ‘The Notorious’.

‘My success isn’t a result of arrogance – it’s a result of belief.’

‘Life is about growing and improving and getting better.’

‘I guess I have a little bit of an ego. I’m confidently cocky, you might say.’

‘I’m not going to get somewhere and say, ‘OK, I’m done.’ Success is never final; I’ll just keep on going. The same way as failure never being fatal. Just keep going. I’m going to the stars and then past them.’

‘I don’t feel pressure in a negative way. I like pressure. I feel excitement and calm at the same time. No pressure, no diamonds. I want pressure: pressure creates drama, creates emotion.’

‘When I am free to train and free to move, I feel like a gorilla in the jungle. Then, when there are a bunch of media obligations, I feel like I have been captured and am being kept on display.’

‘I don’t look at a man who’s expert in one area as a specialist. I look at him as a rookie in ten other areas.’

‘Trash talk? Smack talk? This is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I’m an Irish man.’

‘I see fighters make funny videos about me and stick them on Facebook and get 20 likes. When I make a video, I sell it to Fox and make seven figures. That’s the difference.’

‘I take inspiration from everyone and everything. I’m inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers.’

‘I train and I go home, and when I’m home, I think about training. That’s my life every day, and that’s it.’

‘I don’t feel bitterness, I don’t feel anger towards anybody. Fighting is never emotional to me.’

‘I’m just trying to be myself. I’m not trying to be anyone else.’

‘When I say something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.’

‘I have the greatest job in the world. I get paid loads of cash for beating the crap out of people. And I’m very good at it.’

‘A good feeling for me is when you train, and then you put on fresh clothes. New clothes after a training session – you have this rush of endorphins from exercise that everybody gets, and then you get that nice feeling of fresh clothes. It’s a double whammy.’

‘Ritual is another word for fear, manifested in a different way.’

‘I didn’t have money before this. I was collecting 188 Euro a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60 G’s bonus and then my own pay. I don’t know what the F’s going on to be honest, right?’

‘He’s a quiet, little hillbilly from the back arse of nowhere. His cousin is probably named Cletus.’

‘There’s two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good. I’m doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I’m doing the other.’

‘I am cocky in prediction. I am confident in preparation, but I am always humble in victory or defeat.’

‘These custom-made suits aren’t cheap. This solid gold pocket watch, three people died making this watch. I need to put people away. I need those big fights. I’m going to end up in debt pretty fast.’

‘He (Jose Aldo) has been medically cleared to fight. Doctors have looked at him, examined him. He went out and saw a gynecologist and it turns out, it was just a little period pain.’

‘The ship was sailing smoothly. My coach came into my room at 1 pm, I was sleeping, and he told me that Mendes was replacing Aldo. I opened one eye, said “it makes no difference” then went back to sleep.’

‘The only weight I give a f*** about is the weight of the cheques and my cheques are super-heavyweight.’

‘My knee popped, but f**k it, it is what it is. I just went with what was comfortable, and what was comfortable was get the motherf**ker to the ground. Looking back, I should have just pulled my knee from my leg and hit him with it.’

‘If I wasn’t me, I’d want to be me, too.’

‘People think I’m a celebrity. I’m not a celebrity. I break people’s faces for money and bounce.’

‘It’s all in the nutsack. It’s all in the ball sack. I just have confidence that comes from my big ball sack, and I know when I smack you, you’re going down. And that’s it.’

‘Four point two billion dollars. I want to negotiate what I’m worth. I want to put my analytics forward, man-to-man, and be like, ‘This is what I’m owed now. Pay me.’ And then we can talk.’

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17-02-2017 - Leroy van den Berg